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    Looks amazing have to fire up the switch and look shortly. I don't get the comments I've seen around nitpicking the Switch OS as being beta ware, seems fairly immature to do so. All these systems start out with far less than they seem to get months and years later, sometimes even things removed like Linux in the PS3.

    The update is solid and no added horses into the stable too. I do wish they'd explain everything and not easter egg updates like the USB devices and I think I read something about wireless headphones somewhere.
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    spreading the rocket love

    ign was my first game forum since 2001
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    For anyone wondering how to save their videos from Twitter, this is an easy method without using third-party sites or tools:

    1. Get the tweet URL
    2. Add m. to the front and video/1 to the end (So "twitter.com/fart/12345/" becomes "m.twitter.com/fart/12345/video/1"
    3. Click the arrow to download
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    Or you know, grab the video file off from the microSD card, and get it without Twitter's video compression algorithms from making it lossy.
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