swapping to bigger memory card on Phat - lost vitashell etc

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  1. Winklepicker

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    Mar 13, 2017
    Hi Guys

    I need help with my oled vita

    I have installed henkaku 3.65 on the console, I have a 8gb memory card in the vita but I just recently acquired a 64gb memory card and I want to use that instead to store my games on it.

    The problem is how can I use it as when I put the new card in I lost all of the vitashell and molecular shell apps etc.

    I use a sd2vita to keep all emulators and adrelaine games on it and want to use the 64gb for vita games.

    After I put new memory card in the vita all the apps dissapear, I tried to go to the henkaku website to install the hack again, but it wont let me install it, says im on wrong firmware.
    I also triued to link the vita to the pc so I can get into it, but it wont connect.

    Any idea how I can get vitshell back onto my new memory card?
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  2. SwineAdam

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    Jan 26, 2018
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    i am not 100%, but you might give a look at this site > https://vita.hacks.guide/

    someone else may have a better solution. one thing you could also try is to put back in your old card and use CMA to backup stuff and restore it on the new card.
  3. Tri-Z

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    Nov 25, 2005
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    You’ll prob have to use h encore
    But there is an app to install vitashell into a system app like near app or email. U choose which app to install to. There’s option to back up app so can restore it after. Prob have to run that while have sd2vita in

    There’s prob other methods to do so. You could maybe just copy and move it over to memory card in vita shell when ur using sd2vita

    U might just need to change ur mount options for what sd2vita uses as storage location