Surround sound not working at all?

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    Hiyo, I've gotten my PS4 yesterday, and It's giving me already a giant headache. I just can't get 5.1 surround sound to work on it.

    The setup is as follows:
    PS4 via HDMI to TV
    TV via TOSLINK/Optical to Receiver

    PS4 priority audio output set to HDMI and Dolby/DTS (bitstream), in the BD menu it's also set to Bitstream (Mix)

    The whole setup still works; when I connect my PS3, 360 or XB1 I get crystal clear DD5.1/DTS sound over my speakers, only the PS4 will cause the sound system to show "PCM 2/0".

    Is there a reason why this doesn't work? I just feel like Sony did a HUGE downgrade on the options when compared to the PS3.