Supercard Mini SD problems.

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by koolguyluis, May 28, 2009.

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    May 28, 2009
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    Ok, So my friend has a supercard mini sd, and I gave him some games to put on it (which i backed up for him, of course ;] )

    They were NDS games btw, ok so anyways, it would load them then the screen would turn white, the top and bottom screen.

    He has some nds in there already super mario 64, but that was in there when he bought it, and they worked.

    Anywho, i thought the games i gave him were too new, so i told him upgrade to the latest firmware, but since hes an idiot he doesnt even know what winrar is or how to extract stuff, he ended up deleting everything on his card some how, so he gave me his supercard to add the firmware for him.

    So I updated the firmware to v1.85, and then i added some games for him, NDS and GBA's. It doesnt even load GBA games, it gets to loading screen then it stays white.

    It doesnt load NDS games either, but I cant test if they work since my DS isnt flashed like his is. (they dont even show on the list).

    I did the thingy where u hold L n R and press A and it said everything was ok except, not find test file error.

    IDK wa's wrong, help please.

    Excuse my english also
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    Did he upgrade to the latest version of the patching software as well?

    Actually hang on, it sounds like you're not even patching to begin with. Commercial GBA and DS games need to be patched with the latest version of the Supercard patcher before they will work. Patched games appear in "C:\Program Files\SC\out" by default. DS homebrew should not be patched with this program, and GBA homebrew usually doesn't need to be patched with it (though there are exceptions, like PocketNES and Goomba Color).