Supercard CF and NDS lite problems

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by Crunch, Oct 6, 2008.

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    Oct 6, 2008
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    For some reason my supercard CF won't run any GBA games on my NDS, which is somewhat bizare because if I put the supercard CF into my GBA it all works. I'm not using any slot 1 device, or flashme (my DSONE has yet to arrive). I have updated the firmware on my supercard CF to the latest and performed the self test without error.

    Its possibly worth noting that my NDS will play NES games via the supercard CF. Any ideas? I want to get the GBA SNES emulator up and running so I can replay the classics of my long dead snes.
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    I've heard of this happening once before, and I have yet to come up with an explanation for it. Do a quick test for me. Hold L+R upon bootup and press A a few times until it comes to the SDRAM test. Does it give an error on the DS but not on the GBA? That's what the other guy had, and again, I have no clue why this is.

    Nevertheless, I'm the guy to talk to regarding SNES emulation on the GBA. Of course once you get the ability to run DS files you'll want to switch to SNEmulDS, but for now hopefully I can help you get some of your games running at a playable rate on the GBA. You've got two choices, SNES Advance and Snezziboy. Here's instructions for both:

    For SNES Advance:
    1. Download the SNES Advance package
    2. Grab the updated SuperDAT file (snesadvance.dat) from and use it to replace the old one
    3. Build your games, trying a simple one that's known to work like Super Mario World. Note that if a game has an entry in the snesadvance.dat file you'll see an asterisk (*) next to its name.
    4. Test it in VisualBoy Advance to make sure it worked.
    5. In-game, press A+B+Start+Select to set your options

    For Snezziboy:
    1. Download v0.26 from the Sourceforge homepage
    2. Rename snezzi.dat to something else
    3. Grab the updated SuperDAT file (snesadvance.dat) from and rename it to snezzi.dat
    4. Open both database files in Notepad and turn off Word Wrap
    5. The shorter list is the one that originally came with Snezziboy and contains some fixes specific to Snezziboy - every other game can use the fixes from SNES Advance. Therefore, copy the entries for the games you wish to play from the shorter list into your new snezzi.dat file to create an uber-list. Make sure you actually search for the old entries in the larger list and replace them with the entires from the shorter ones, don't just add them to the end.
    6. Drag-and-drop your SNES game onto snezzi.exe and it will output a *.smc.gba file for you to test in VBA.
    7. In-game, press L+R+Start to set your options. You'll definitely need to set these for every game (but only once). The background layers often need fiddling, but you can use the L+R+Select+Up button combo in-game to scroll through a few known "good" combinations.

    More info on the various Snezziboy settings can be found at and I highly suggest you read it. Snezziboy appears at first glance to have horrible compatibility but usually you just have to fiddle with the settings to get a good number of games to work.

    Compatibility lists for both emulators can be found here: SNES Advance, Snezziboy, Snezziboy #2.