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Mar 14, 2009
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I have a few Switch consoles. My kids each have their own, I have a regular Switch and a Switch Lite. We went to go play Smash the other day and my game froze when I selected my character within Smash mode (always Fox FTW). I use SX OS primarily but have an atmosphere setup as well.

I've done all I can think - I deleted the game, deleted save data, reinstalled the existing XCI I have (with update 9.0.0 / without update), installed via network using Tinfoil v7, installed via network using Tinfoil v8.1 (latest on the site), installed using USB via NUT and Tinfoil, deleted everything and removed all tickets in Tinfoil related to SSB, reinstalled using all those methods again and EVERY TIME it freezes after character select on both Atmosphere and SX OS.

I just installed the SAME file on my Switch Lite, 9.0.0 update and it works fine. My kids have had the game installed for over a year now and their copies work fine too, they updated to 9.0.0 for Steve -_-

What could possibly be on my v1 Switch that isn't on my Switch Lite that would cause the freeze?? I have the same homebrew on both (tesla overaly, couple modules installed). Same SX OS and Atmosphere set up too. I'm so confused and tired of trying things. The game should just work.

EDIT: So I launched Sys monitor via tesla overlay and left a full monitor in place to see when it freezes. The GPU drops to 76.8 mhz and thats when the game has officially crashed. I set the profile in sys clk to be 768 always as it was overclocked previously. the game works on Atmosphere 0.14.4 but still crashes in SX OS - with and without sys clk on. still really odd and haven't found the fix just yet but there has to be some sysmodule getting in the way.

SUCCESS! it was something in my sxos/titles - i believe the offender was the old "auto insert game cart" mitm that came out a while back. i moved from xci a little while ago so that isn't needed anyway and i believe it broke compatibility with like update 10.0
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