Super Smash Bros. RGB range/black level

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    I've searched endlessly for someone else noticing this: Super Smash Bros. is washed out, even when the TV/monitor is set to 16 -235, "limited"/"standard" RGB, natively on hardware Wii U.

    The majority of games look fine, but Smash looks awful. Look at the black areas/outlines in the menus for an obvious examples of grey where black was intended. And those videos! Not to mention the actual 3D game rendering.

    Similarly, Zelda: Breath of the Wild has the same issue with 3D content. (Menus and overlays are unaffected; they can display real black; which is basically worse, because you get a mixture of correct and incorrect black levels; which means you can't simply adjust for the mistake once; unless you don't care about crushed menus.)

    Which makes me wonder if the genius at Nintendo responsible for the RGB range bug in BotW also affected Smash: The rightmost image is correct -


    Are there any other Wii U games where Nintendo screwed up the RGB range? Partially in the case of Zelda; completely in the case of Smash.
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