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    Dec 21, 2016
    I originally posted this on reddit, so here is a copy-paste:

    I love Super Mario Maker and I recently found out about the /r/CemuMarioMaker subreddit and about the Google Docs sharing document. I thought it would be much nicer to have a website for this so that everyone can submit his levels and download others very easily.
    If you like the idea, you should visit

    Currently the website is running on a single board computer in my home. If there is a need to upgrade I will do so, but levels are very small of file size and the traffic shouldn't be too much.

    To upload levels you have to login using your Google account. It uses Google OAuth2 signin method. If there is a need for another signin method, I will add that to my TODO-list.

    If you have any further questions about how Mario Maker and Cemu I strongly recommend visiting the subreddit and reading the FAQ.

    I recommend to create custom thumbnails to your course before uploading it. Here is how to do this:


    • (done) make levels deletable
    • (done) make levels reuploadable
    • (done) add possibility to add screenshots
    • (done) make levels star-able
    • (done) make levels tag-able as completed
    • (done) download counter
    • (done) embed youtube video
    • comments
    • description
    • filters
    • custom level tags
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    It would be cool if someone helped him make a cia or 3dsx version of this.
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    Apr 28, 2017
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    Given that the API is (in the most general way to say it) a database of uploaded files, it wouldn't be too difficult to have it support multiple emulators. The API itself is not really "emulator specific", it just serves what it's uploaded (zip files of level data). So to make it support multiple emulators, it would(should) be as easy as adding an extra get parameter, which differentiates between the different emulators, and then only serves data for that specific emulator, and then users just upload zip files of the level data for those specific emulators.

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    (Shameless plug)

    I've actually made a simple NPM package wrapping around this API. All the functions work except for course uploading, which still seems to be broken in the API itself

    I also implemented this API into CemUI, a Cemu front-end I designed, to allow users to download levels and play them in Cemu (

    It's a really helpful API and database, really amazing work by Tarnadas.
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    I was thinking the other day about this, we should probably have a script that rips levels automatically while playing them on course world to really preserve the game and keep it alive after Nintendo shuts down their servers. Maybe a program that just goes through level codes and downloads them without Cemu.

    8000 levels is a lot, but it doesn't really preserve that endless content that never repeats.
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