Super Mario 3D World Guide/ Lets Play

Discussion in 'GBAtemp Reviews & Guides' started by mikeyt1998, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Not sure whether this is guides for games as in walkthroughs or whether it's referring to guides for hardware and what to buy, what not to buy etc, so sorry if I've posted in the wrong place!

    I've very recently started up a Lets Play channel you YouTube with the name: MikeytTaylorGaming (Although Mikeytaylor1991 works better in search...) It's still a WIP, Video quality will be perfect tomorrow when i pick up my capture device from the post office... :P So the first and second parts are a little crappy quality i'll agree, but from 3 onwards they're watchable :)

    Anyways, i'm just wondering if a few people could drop by to part 3 and have a look and tell me what they think? Perhaps throw a like in there if you do like it because I've really enjoyed doing them so far and hope to get an insight into what other games people would like to see in this fantastic British accent. Its a very strange feeling sitting in a room for half an hour talking to yourself, but i do enjoy it hahaha!

    Thanks a lot to anyone that can help me out, I know this community is great help so this is the place I decided to post first!

    EDIT: Stickies are very important to prevent embarrassment when posting in these places... I'm terrible!
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    This, unfortunately falls under advertizing. I cant allow you to post this here, asking for viewers.
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