Suggestion to Gateway 3DS 3.0 ULTRA Offline Support / Droid App

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    Nov 21, 2014
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    So now we need to use a website to download the exploit on 9.2. I got a suggestion to the Gateway Team for offline support.
    • I know they want to keep the code secret from clones.
    • Must connect to a web server to service/load the exploit.
    My suggestion is a Android app that does the following...
    • Acts as a web server to service/load the exploit.
    • Activates the Android Hot Spot Mode so they can access the web server.
    • Generates a ad-hoc QR code to access the code on the android device.
    • Encrypt the data inside the app so it cannot be stolen.
    • Can be used offfline due to the phone is the local hosts with the exploit and doesn't need the internet to connect to.
    I personally cannot program this due to don't have access to the expliot OR the knowledge to ad-hoc QR codes. My only worries that the permission the app will need will need the device will need to be rooted.
    What does the community think?
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