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    Aug 19, 2016
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    i just recently got a friend's Wii U softmodded, and started getting homebrews/loaders installed, but now i'm stuck. i can't seem to get wiiflow to boot any wii games. i've ran through numerous tutorials doing just about anything i can find, but it won't work

    here's my situation. the version of wiiflow i'm currently running is 4.2.1 rev-441 (4.2.2-r1076 won't detect wdfs folder). through tutorials, i have d2x-v10-beta52 (i think that's the one that doesn't require NAND) installed in both slots 249 and 250. with Wii Backup Manager, i got a wdfs format game installed on the hard drive (currently fat32), which shows up on wiiflow, provided it detects the folder correctly. but whenever i try to boot it, it seems to hang for about 30 seconds before booting me back to the vWii menu

    i do have nintendont installed, and working with gamecube isos, if that's any indication. i'm unsure if i need a specific version of wiiflow, the v8 cIOS files, or to switch over to the MasterMod pack, which seems like way too much stuff to throw in at once
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