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    Aug 13, 2014
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    Okay. I've posted to reddit, but only gotten one reply. I am going to C/P what I put there.

    O3DS / 9.2. Started at 10.1.whatever, upgraded to 10.3, downgraded to 9.2. Kept HomemenuHax I think it was. That, or themehax. I have patched together stuff, and have gotten RxTools seemingly working, and can get into RxMode. But where do I go from there? Do I try and load HBL from the CFW browser? My goal is 2 big things, I think: be able to play pirated games whichIwon'tlinktoaspertherules and get something working like CTR Boot Manager. They are both pretty important, but I'm pretty much at a standstill. Oh, and getting saves from my retail Kid Icarus: Uprising for modding and then being able to put them back on the thing would be great.

    The response was:

    Set up enunand, install FBI over health and safety in enunand (not sysnand). Boot rxmode on enunand and open up h&s. It should boot into FBI. Now you can install pirated games!

    Please look up guides on how to set up an enunand and how to install FBI over h&s.

    My response to that:

    Thanks for the response,

    I have been using various guides for help on the general topic already. But one thing that has been unclear is how to get to a place to install FBI when I'm in RXMode. I believe I have unlinked the nands, as I formatted sysNAND last night, making sure to take out the SD card during it. The time I may have gotten browserhax to work from within RXMode, it crashed in an unusual way: a black screen with the words in white saying something about it crashing or not working and to shut down (and maybe to try again).

    Additionally, what about CTRBootManager? I'm still confused on that.

    One more thing, when I get into RXMode, does that mean that I am also in the emuNAND?

    EDIT: Got into HBL from RXMode using browserhax, finally save-edited KI:U. However, when I opened FBI, and tried installing its CIA, still got the unsigned thing.

    EDIT 2: Got bootctr c: gonna try injecting fbi into the rxtools bin

    EDIT 3: Nevermind. not going to.


    So what am I doing wrong here? I think I unlinked the nands, seeing as how when I enter RXMode the background and grid size are different, but... I'm stuck.
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