Strange file extensions ripping audio with dolphin

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Deboog, Jul 30, 2014.

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    I've been trying to rip some sound effects from the Gamecube game Viewtiful Joe. I can get into the file system with Dolphin, and I've found the folders for both music and voice, but the audio is in the formats .bkr and .sbb which winamp can't open even with the vgmstream plugin.

    Now I would give up right here, but snooping around the internet I found a file of all the files in the music folder (keep in mind I want the voice folder) with similar names, but in another gamecube music format, .genh that winamp CAN open. To explain, Dolphin reads files as "stage00.bkr, stage00.ssb" while the folder I downloaded has the files as "stage00_001.genh, stage00_002.genh, stage00_003.genh" etc. Played in Winamp, some of the .genh files are repeats, some are just intros to songs, others are entirely different, despite being labeled under the same stage number. This makes me think that the .bkr and .ssb files are some sort of compressed/encrypted collections of music.

    I'm not sure if a different iso would open differently, or if I'm using dolphin incorrectly, or if the collection was created using some more advanced tools, or what. I've read tutorials of how to rip music and apparently the files are supposed to be in .genh or some other supported format from the get go.

    Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Edit: Also, the .bkr files are only a kb or two, so they probably down contain any audio.