Stereo system help?

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    Mar 31, 2009
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    Ok so I have a stereo but for some reason the deck has stopped working but the speakers are fine. The only reason i really used my stereo was for the RCA ports to put the audio from my consoles to so it came out of those speakers and not my tv. so my question is there a way to use just my speakers with out the deck. I have one of those multi console switchers from gamestop that lets me put a few consoles into it then just press a button to switch the system. its an older model of this

    and i did some research and came across one of these

    so would that work or would i need some type of amp for the speakers? im not trying to spend alot of money here or else id just find/buy a new deck or whole stereo. I would just like an easy/cheap fix so i can use my speakers for my consoles.

    Thanks all!