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Aug 16, 2015
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There are the individual threads for certain games if you can find them, but as far as I know there's no definitive list of mod compatible games.

In theory all games that also have pc mods could potentially work depending on the method. Best way to know for file replacement mods (layeredFS) is to dump your games to nsp, unpack said nsp with any of the tools available on the site, and see if the game files match how they appear on pc.

That said even if the file structure matches, mods might not work depending on the version differences between the mod and your game. (think of it how cheats for a v1.1 might not work for v1.3, the same applies with mods)

I think Civ is unique in this case, I dunno how many other games are modded using the save folder to store the mods. It shouldn't matter that they are workshop mods in particular, it just matters how mods are installed on pc, and if they can be installed the same way on switch. (which if the port isnt too different, then mods should at least install, even if they might crash the game)

I've personally added mods for stardew valley and Steins;Gate Elite. But those are the only ports I've used with pc mods.
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