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    I'm trying to make a plugin for wiiflow using wiibrowser. My problem is, whenever I update a zip folder on mediafire, the download url changes. Is there any way I can have it stay the same?
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    Question when you say static URL -- do you just want an address that never changes or do you want a direct link like (which could also be static)? Many download services will want to avoid one or both of those for various reasons and if they do offer them then you will probably have to pay for it.

    If your plugin is to be open source you might consider setting up on a source repo of some form as they can make for such things.

    You could get a url shortening service that lets you customise and update, I have my own domains and hosting I can do this for (not that I ever need to) so I am not on top of what goes here but the idea is simple enough.
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    If you want a static URL to the actual file, don't use a popular hosting site like Mediafire. Use your own personal hosting service (like a website) or something else.
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    Dropbox maybe?