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    So I picked up a copy of Shining Force on the MD thinking it would be an awesome game similar to Fire Emblem, but I've found it quite disappointing. It seems to me like another game that was great back in it's day, but has been superseded some 12 years later.

    The graphics and audio, well sure they've aged, but they're still good enough for me. I wasn't expecting anything special here.


    -The game is slow. It gets boring watching the curser move around the screen to each and every unit, even if the CPU orders them to wait. There is (as far as I can tell) no way to turn off the battle animations. This is my biggest issue with the game.
    -The other issue I have is that unlike Fire Emblem you don't have a player phase followed by an enemy phase. Each unit has their own turn, like The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky and Final Fantasy Tactics. I find it harder to organise unit placement since you have to remember who's turn is coming up and an enemy could move into a spot where you want an allied unit.
    -No permadeath. Shining Force wins some points here.


    -In Shining Force you can't move the cursor to a unit and see it's movement and attack range displayed on the grid.
    -You can't see a units HP simply by moving the cursor onto it. You have to select it. (this was corrected in Shining Force II).
    -You don't get to see which unit's turn is coming up.
    They're small features which make a big difference.

    I've been playing this on the Wii and I think I might find the game a lot more enjoyable on a PC emulator with a fast foward function.

    So have you played Shining Force? Are you a fan of it? Do you think my criticisms are valid or am I full of shit? Let me know in the comments below.
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    While I love the shinning force series, I do have to admit, you need patience to get full injoyment out of it.
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