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    Dec 18, 2008
    Hey guys. I have got backup loader v0.3 gamma and when I try to load SSBB (DVD9 PAL) it says DVD read error (324) and wont load.

    I have tried restarting with hooks and every 1 in 10 times it loads. The times I have got it working I have tried playing, but after 1 match it comes up with the 'Disc is dirty error, restart Wii blah blah blah'

    I cant understand why it doesnt work. The list for the loader says it works. I just can't understand why it wont work for me?

    If anyone can give me help, it will be greatly appreciated!

    EDIT - I use Verbs at x4 with IMGBurn. I have a version of SSBB burned with auto layer break and a version with the 2084960 layer break.

    EDIT 2 - I have read a few threads and deleted the IOS249 and reinstalled it and now SSBB runs every time, great no problem apart from one. The main game sub-space emmisary, whatever it is. After the first intro and fight it comes up with the Disc read error, eject disc, reset wii and so on. All I need is the main single player working and im 100% happy [​IMG] Please help people