Splitscreen gaming on Non-Splitscreen games

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by Dinoguy, Mar 10, 2014.

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    For the past few days I've been looking into splitscreen gaming seeing as online play is generally not as fun without having your friend right next to you (plus it often times requires two of everything)
    In my search I found that one can actually run programs in either a virtual or sandboxed enviorment via programs like Sandboxie and actually successfully connect two sessions of the same game with one another (i.e. Lan party)
    So far I have tested Terraria and Minecraft and the two games run at regular speed while "split screened", the only problem being that one window is active or in focus while the other is inactive, allowing input to only one window. My question is if there is a program to combine the two windows into one active window, allow two windows to become active at once, or send input to windows in the background.
    Its worth noting that Sandboxie has been used to make Borderlands 2 "splitscreen"
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    I was about to suggest checking out the Borderlands 2 method, but I guess that won't help you figure out the inputs :/