Sony's PlayStation division looking for Android devs

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    It's been just over a month since we broke the news that Sony's working on an Android 3.0-based gaming phone with PlayStation branding, and a new job posting seems to indicate that progress is being made -- the PlayStation division is looking for a senior server engineer in London with "experience in mobile development, specifically Android." The rest of the listing sounds like this person will be involved in running an online game service, which certainly makes sense; Sony would do well to counter Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7 and Apple's Game Center with PSN on their own device. Either that, or this just means nothing -- but you know us, we're eternal optimists.[/p]
    [​IMG] Source (Engadget)

    I hope something worthwhile comes out of this (on verizon plz?)
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    If Sony is going the gaming phone route as a PSP successor, then they're kind of taking themselves out of the running of evening competing with the 3DS; it's a somewhat different market.

    That said, I want my portable system to play games. I don't want it to come with a 3 year-contract for an overpriced phone plan, or cost $100 more if I don't want a contract. I don't see such a device working for me; at all.
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    I know a few artcles state sony adding a "android framework" has they call it to the ps3. Could this be the reason for the android devs?