Sonic 3D Blast Director's Cut Released

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    I was wondering when someone was gonna make a post about this lol. Posted to shoutbox few days ago.
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    One of the main reasons this patch exists - janky ass controls and camera movement. Game play is a bit dry but that's OK, not really a huge issue. But when you can't keep track of the level boss because you're sliding all over the place, the camera angle is terrible and doesn't do any favors to help track the boss, it makes for a really underwhelming and even frustrating experience.
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    Throwing in my two cents. I actually liked Sonic 3D Blast...for the Saturn. Honestly, I didn't mind the slower pacing of the game per se but did get frustrated with the collision detection. I also like the Saturn music better, so I can't really see if the Genesis music is more appropriate or not. Oh, and I also liked Sonic R, so *shrug* on my taste in Sonic games.

    As for the hate? I'd say at least 50% of it is simply the way in which it's "Sonic Themed" 3D Blast more than really "Sonic" 3D Blast. Same thing with Sonic R. If you can take a step back and view it that way--and try to ignore the way it looks like a cash grab on the Sonic name--, you might have a chance at enjoying it. The other 50% of course is the actual gameplay since it really is rather hard to control, has janky controls, and questionable camera movement.

    It's really hard to make a fair review of it for me now, though. I used to be a lot more tolerant of such games. Now, I'd probably just pass on and move to another game. Having said that, playing the game now with the patch so far, it does play a lot better. It's still too slippery, though. :/
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    May 26, 2017
    so is the sonic 3d blast source code public???
  5. ShadowOne333

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    No it's not.
    The guy is one of the founders of Traveller's Tales, the company who made the Genesis port, so I assume he worked on the hack via the source code, but he didn't distribute it.
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    I always thought the game was cool. I used to play it a lot on my laptop.
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    I'm excited, the beta worked really well.
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    The patch is no longer available from the linked website. Anyone have updates or a mirror?
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