Something cool i found out about minecraft cracked beta!

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    okay well i was trying to figure out away on how to keep my skin offline without having to change the .png,
    i came across my old cracked version of the game (fyi i do in fact own the real game) anywho, try and keep up with me guys,

    well when someone owns the game and uploads there skin to there profile under the username " of whatever they put"
    and when someone uses the cracked launcher and types in, if by chance the user types in the same exact name as another user who owns the game, the user using the crack WILL have the real owners skin. . .

    so i put it to the test, i uploaded my own skin, opened my old cracked launcher and typed in my username,
    and guess what. . .my skin was there!!

    So if anyone can as well prove this please tell me so i can know its just not picking up data from my computer or something or it actually works

    here are some usernames you can use that i found out:
    xXxM1NG0xXx + my skin (rockerish)
    Conker = conker from conkers bad fur day
    Notch = notch !!!!!!
    Herobrine = (herobrine supposed skin) default skin with white eyes
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    I'm pretty sure it works like that
    which reminds me that I need a skin