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    Sep 29, 2016
    Hello all.

    Recently i'd earned a DSLite "bundled" with a classic R4 from my sis (yeah, the ones whose only accepts up to 2GB SD cards), and also a GBA SP with a few cartridges (no flashcarts for). Researching about the possibilities, i'v found about homebrews, GBA (problematic) emulation on DS, the DS Browser, and even about the Pokemon's RTC issue. So i become decided to expand at maximum both the consoles by buiyng both a Slot-2 flashcart than a DSTWO+ - it seems to be the most complete ever Slot-1 flashcart for the old DS'es, stills not that expensive and is also usefull if, eventually, i becomes a "proudly" 3DS owner.

    So, there comes the problem: mainly wich Slot-2 cart to buy? And how to handle with the caracteristics of each one?

    I'v seem that EZ FLASH 3in1 only fits for DS Lite (so my GBA SP would need another cart for itself);
    There's also EZ FLASH IV, but it seems to have issues with DS Browser/homebrews (whose seems to leave the NOR/PSRAM quite messed up later) than those RTC Pokemon's roms;
    Here (in Brazil) there's also the old Supercard Mini (atleast seems to be at most reselers pics) - the cheapest solution, but looks to be the lesser on resources too;
    And there's, yet, the expensive Everdrive X5, wich worths over to R$ 500 (since Real becomes really disvaluated in face to Dollar last years), but seems to be the more completely GBA/DS solution.

    So, the EZ FLASH IV seems to be the more suitable solution. But i'm quite worry about that RTC things as far about using it as expansion card to DS Browser and other homebrews. (Note I know that DSTWO+ is far capable of being used independently but the Slot-2 cart is just one more resource that will not be wasted because of the GBA SP; and there is the R4 yet.)

    Then I asks:
    Is there a way to handle that RTC since using the EZFIV together R4 (and,) or DS2+?
    And about the DS Browser and/or homebrews messing the memory?
    And about the SNES emulation on each one? I'v found emulators for DS (only the DS2+ seems to work nearly properly) and also "resemblers" for GBA, and got curious if alternating both could fit to run every SNES game i would want to...

    Well... It would look be simply questions, but all together are fuzzying my head! If anyone please help... ~_~'
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    Nov 21, 2005
    United Kingdom
    The browser stuff never messed up the things as far as I have seen. Using various third party loader programs seemed to randomly do it. That said the browsers were never great and that was in a time when things were static HTML a lot, today with all the javascript and css on even your basic blog it is not going to be good. Today it is going to be far far worse. With that said I have not tried the new EZ4 with the browser patches as they might have changed how things work for the newer models.

    You can mod the case of the DS lite sized 3 in 1, though it is annoying to use if you like to switch up games on a GBA as you can only have one at a time.

    The everdrive mainly does GBA, no DS stuff worth speaking of and I am not sure what goes for patches to use the browser and the like for other homebrew.

    RTC. If the patches do not work acceptably for you (they make the clocks run when the game is playing) then no. I assume you know it is only a very small number of games with it but if they are the ones you want then so be it.

    SNES emulation
    GBA SNES emulation. I have mad respect for the emulator devs that pulled off SNES on the GBA but if you are expecting usable then give up now. It will load things and if you get the layers right you can play some things without sound and in real time, give or take what you think about frameskip.
    Normal DS SNES emulation.
    There are two classes of SNES emulator.
    1) Older things that took what the GBA did and ran with it. The DS is that little bit more powerful
    2) Ports of PC emulators.

    Most people seem to only look at 2) these days but I still find 1) does well for some things.

    Enhanced flash cart emulators (DStwo and ISMM).
    These do pretty well, you can go find the lists elsewhere. Neither is as good as a PSP which in turn is rather behind the PC or indeed even the original xbox but you can do a lot of damage to the SNES library this way.

    A lot of SNES games were ported to the GBA and DS, also a lot of megadrive/genesis games work in the megadrive emulators of the DS.

    In any case games with special chips are likely to cause trouble, afraid we will have to do wikipedia today as my normal link seems to have broken (even on
    I am not sure where the dstwo stuff finds itself these days for this sort of thing, however I would expect some trouble at some level anyway.

    Every SNES game? Haha.

    Options for what you want, give or take the SNES, amounts to one of the full featured M3 or GBA G6 carts, they are very rare and hard to come by these days and I imagine even more so where you are.

    Also you probably saw something like it but a link I use often in these situations
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  3. Xeretinha

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    Sep 29, 2016
    Okay... After some shopping time, I'll "revive" this topic!

    I'd bought the following carts: a DSTwo+, an EZ Flash IV 2015ver (MicroSD) - for using with an older GBA SP, and a M3DS Real GBA Expansion Pack.

    After some research, i'd become running GBA games from both R4 than DSTwo, on both EZ Flash than M3DS Real through Rudolph's GBA_Exploader and/or EZ_Flash 2in1.
    I didn't tryed running Slot-2 homebrews on those yet. (Since I didn't Opera running first)
    And I'm trying to run DS Opera Browser, but I just CANNOT FIND HOW to enable these Slot-2 cards as 'Mem Expansion Pack's.

    DSTwo seems to run all other things fine (only problem is: the cover shell is too "fat", and frequently my DSL doesn't loads it at boot time - I need to insert the cart after powering on).
    EZ Flash needed a downgrade (v1.74 firmware or less) to be able for "flashlinking" from R4/DSTwo.

    I'll try, now, running DSLinux - to confirm if some of those Slot-2 could be used as MemExpCard. But, in advance...
    Some lights?
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