Some questions on game hacking...

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    I had some question on hacking games

    First,if i had like a SNES Rom like Super mario World but hacked,can i change it to a .wad file and install it on my wii???

    also,In new super mario bros.wii,how can i change the title screen intro,when mario,luigi and two toads are moving,how can i change that???

    also,in the same game,how can i change the music while in the level,i know how to change music overworld and main screen,but how to do in level???

    final question,how can i replace backgrounds in NSMBW????

    Thx!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    Sorry it's not a complete answer, I didn't make a lot of search this time.

    For your first question : Yes, you can "inject" roms into already existing wad file. (you don't create wad from scratch).
    I think there's a tool named Autoinjectuwad (something like that). Maybe there are more tools to do it. just try googling it.

    For the SMBWii questions :

    - replacing the channel animation is possible, but could be hard to do, the data is not fully documented.
    - replacing game's data is also possible, but I think you should check Riivolution (if you didn't already), or "newer super mario bros wii", or any other user edited Mario project. You'll find some informations on how to find the file data (music, background, sprite, etc.)