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    Feb 15, 2009
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    I have softmodded my friends wii which was running v4 firmware, now he can play burn games but the problem is that everytime he puts a burn wii game the game plays but the screen its all up and down really fast and going all ape shit, when he was playing GH world tour i told him to force the NTSC and it went away but then he tried with madworld it didnt go away so can anyone help me?
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    Jun 4, 2009
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    So he isn't loading them up off an external HDD?

    Can anyone explain to me what the point or why some people still use burned copies on DVD's to play games when the external hdd solution is there? (I understand if it's a money thing, but really....$75 or so?)
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    Offering it as a solution is fine, but there's really no need to criticize. I use the external HDD booting method, but I still burn copies of my games every now and again. It only takes one small error to wipe your entire WBFS drive clean. Without a second backup source, you're pretty well screwed.
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    something to do with video mode fo sho lol

    i dont know if you can set preloader to region free games to sort it out, but since they run but just have crap video i guess thats not the problem.

    is there not an option in the loader you're using to auto detect video mode?
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    One day you will EAT these words when you boot up that "trusty" HD and find NOTHING on it. Yeah, it is pretty stupid not to keep hard copy backups of your games if you really want to keep them.