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    Oct 12, 2007
    I have now discovered that my save file problem i experienced while playing twewy wasn't specific to that rom after all, my battery was pretty much dead.
    But i find it inconvenient to turn it off and on again just for my save file's sake, so i was trying to soft reset.
    Latest firmware, 1.45, check
    Latest xmenu, 2.56, check
    Save type= auto, check
    Press LRABXY, check
    Press LRABXY START SELECT, check
    Soft reset success? NO

    So how do i soft reset???

    P.S. before you say anything, yes i DID read the faq and it didnt seem to help, unless i didnt read it thoroughly. and as you all know, LR START SELECT makes hte game itself soft reset, does that interfere with the soft reset to menu? If it doesnt, the second key combo stil doesnt seem to work.
    any help?

    EDIT: can someone elaborate this in the global.ini file?
    ; set the option of force backup curren save to MK5 after turn on nds,default set to 0, mean don't force save after turn on --- 1=YES , 0=NO
    Elaboration of the other options there is appreciated, but i find this most confusing.

    EDIT 2: nevermind i managed to get soft reset to work, by re inserting the card, however it doesnt work for most games.