So, my injected GBA games have this weird graphical problem...

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    So, I just got a new N3DS and installed AL9H via the OTP-less method, but I'm having trouble with about 1/3 of my GBA VC games. See attached image:
    Image here
    As you can see, it'll chop off the top portion of the screen and stick it at the bottom. Sometimes pressing the home button makes the problem worse by enlarging the effect. It's the exact same problem with all of my affected games and I'm at wit's end trying to solve it. I've searched everywhere... but I couldn't think of what the technical name of this problem is, so I might have missed the solution somewhere.

    It's even more complicated, though. I also have a N3DSxl with these same games installed, but apparently without the error. See, I tried to use the decrypt9 "installed to CIA" feature to export the games from my xl and install them on my new smaller system. At first, I thought the affected games might have gotten corrupted while being converted back to CIA. (A very small number of 3ds and SNES games wouldn't boot after being transferred like this, requiring them to be reinstalled.) Installing fresh injects seems to help somewhat, but some games just continue to do this, even if they're the first thing I launch after rebooting my system. Here's my specs:
    Japanese N3DS (region-swapped to USA) running 11.2.0-35 sys
    Luma3DS 6.5 (stable)
    Language: English

    So yeah, lots of variables. Will provide more details if needed. Thanks.
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