So many DML mods...Which one is best to keep up with?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Augusta, Apr 26, 2012.

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    I was unaware of how much progress has been made towards dios mios lite and hear that running GC titles on SD is just as good as running disc's.
    I use DVD's to boot them up but if I don't have to use my drive that would be great.

    The problem is that there's mods for just about every loader:
    cfg loader -mod(dml)
    wiiflow advanced-mod(dml)
    Neogamma-mod(dml)[unless r56 enables this option already? Not sure]

    There must be a preferred loader amongst the community right?
    What do you prefer?
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    i like wiiflow as fix94, the main updater of the code, is very fast at updating and pretty good in my opinion for coding.

    its all really up to you and what you prefer, looks wise. each loader has basically the same compatibility (maybe usb loader gx is slightly ahead?)

    i never have any problems with wiiflow-mod, spearheaded by fix94.
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    Both are updated frequently. Both play DLM games. Both do most other things other loaders do. In my experience, Wiiflow crashes a bit more. However it does have a bunch of cool features,newest mod supports emulators with covers for your nes snes gen scummvm. Also I have more luck with it on the DML side because FIX94 talks to Crediar. That said I usually use GX MOD14.1 right now. Updates every 1 or 2 days just like wiiflow but it has some features that blow me away. First...... wait for it..... BANNERS! You see all the cool animations the disk channel would play. Second,GX shows my games on my virtual nand (with banners ^_^) I get about 85% compatibility on my vnand wiiware but that could be my wads as they are OLD and been on my HD for a long time. DML also gets banner support btw. GX also had a nand dumoer and utilities to manipulate it like install wad to nand,partial or full nand eum,nand settings for each game. Wiiflow supports emu nand on dlc and saves but thats it. So in a nutshell.

    Wiiflow Mod (as of now)
    No Wiiware VC off virtual nand.
    Emulator support for retro systems with cover flow..
    Better DML support (IMO could be a mistake I made somewhere.

    Usb Loader GX MOD14
    BANNERS (yeah I do like them a bit much.)
    Ability to load games directly off EMU NAND.
    EMU NAND Tools

    Thats's about what I think. Let me know what you went with. I do recommend both as its hard to go wrong. Hats off to FIX94 and Dimok for totally revitalizing my wii again and making the Wii more fun than Call of Duty and Trials Evolution ;) KILLER APPS BOTH
    Edit: Looks like wiiflow got wiiware off emu nand :) who knew?
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