So I want to unmod...

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    Feb 7, 2010
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    I have an xbox that was flashed the disk drive to play backups, but now I want to get on live with it.

    In my xbox folder, I found what I think might be the OFW.
    It's named "BENQ-OFW.bin", I also have a "dvdKey.txt" with a key in it.

    Could someone direct me to a tutorial to put these back on my drive?

    I read somewhere that a recent update re-flashed the firmware automatically.
    Is this true? Does this mean that I could just connect and go on my way?

    After I re-flash my drive, will it be safe to go back online? Will I get banned?
    When I flashed it the first time, I powered the drive with the xbox. Is this going to be a problem?
  2. ShawnTRods

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    Mar 26, 2011
    I am guessing you flashed it yourself?

    1) Download the latest version of Jungleflasher

    2) connect your drive to the sata port of your pc/ x360USB (whichever you are using to flash it).

    3) MTk flash 32, power your drive, unlock benq - now click on "Read". This will dump your firmware

    4) GO to Firmware Tool 32 and click on "open source firmware" and select the dumped firmware(which is usually named "OFW" when you dump it, so dont get confused with that one and your REAL original firmware.

    5) Click on "open target firmware" and select your REAL ORIGINAL FIRMWARE! Spoof the key

    6) Go back to MTK flash 32 and write. Done.. SATA/OUTRO or whatever you need.

    I am assuming you know the flashing process so not writing in tooo much details.

    No, you wont be banned from LIVE. Safe to go online and play games [​IMG].

    Powering the drive using the 360 is no problem at all. Sometimes I also do it even though I have the power molex and complete flashing kit.

    Since you already have the Original Firmware, you dont need to go through all these stages. Just unlock benq, load up your ORIGINAL firmware in the Tool 32 tab and go back to mtk flash tab to write the firmware.