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    Ak2i $11.50 Free shipping at popbuying.com

    Just find a good deal !


    Promotion Item:
    Order 1pcs at the price:11.50$ Shipped,Each Paypal Account Can Only Order 1pcs With This Promotion Price.

    Deal Expires on:May 14th


    Perfect compatibility .No need to convert,No need to flash.
    Write save file directly to TF card.No more save type selection
    Auto patching DLDI.Run homebrew programs without convert
    Support soft-Reset.Support Download play.Support Wi-Fi
    Support SDHC microSD card.No maxium size limited
    Support any brand of microSD.No slow down
    Support Action Replay.Built-in editor
    Low power consumed.Long playing time
    Easy operation.Support Pad and touch screen control
    Muti-languages.Support Customize Skin
    4 lever brightness adjustment
    Support reading txt file,lisening mp3 and watching movie
    For more details, please visit www.acekard.com

    How to know if the card is genuine or fake?
    chek here: http://www.acekard.com/news.php#79
    More information about this card:

    Review of This Card:
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    You jackass. Reported
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