Sniffing multiplayer packets for connection problem troubleshooting?

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    I'm having some big issues trying to play multiplayer games on mi WiiU... Even though the console connects to the Internet and is able to retrieve info from the servers (posts, ghost racers, profiles, etc), it absolutely craps out whenever I actually try to PLAY with other people. In other words, whenever it must do matchmaking and directly connect to other users, it boots me out with a "118-0513" error.

    I have lost around 15 hours trying to troubleshoot this, by messing around with my router, connecting the WiiU directly to the cablemodem (with a LAN Adapter), sharing WiFi through my computer, everything to no avail.

    I KNOW the console isn't faulty because I used to play online with a different ISP before, and using a friend's mobile data connection also works.

    As I am now sure it's a problem with my ISP, I am at a loss as to how to communicate this to them. Surely I won't go and say "hey there's a problem with my game console, I cannot play online" because no technician on this shitty small ISP will bother coming here and testing the issue, so I wish I could solve this on my own.

    Games on my computer work just fine, and even though I have a measle 256 Kbit upload, intensive games like BF4 work like a charm. What I'm thinking is, there is a certain hop, address, IP or whatever in the Nintendo Network route that's crapping out with my ISP, as it doesn't seem to be a ports issue either (I seem to be able to host stuff fine on my comp, and neither Bittorrent nor other games have matchmaking issues).

    So, anyone knows what's the traffic route for multiplayer games, or how could I trace the route myself and see where the problem lies? Even Nintendo's customer support is absolutely useless in this. I spent like 2 damn hours being asked to reset the router and put the console in DMZ, just to claim they couldn't solve the issue and there was nothing they could do.
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