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    May 28, 2013
    There are several games that, when played in my Wii, will still show slim pillar bars even in widescreen mode. These games support widescreen and show more "view area" at the sides than when in 4:3 mode, as expected. However, they still show slim pillar bars at each side. The thickness of the bars varies from game to game. For example, in the F1 2009 game, the pillar bars are almost half the usual pillar bar size that appears when a 16:9 TV shows 4:3 content. On the other hand, in Goldeneye 007, the bars are very thin.

    The Gamecube games also show those pillar bars, which, in this case, are even larger than the F1 2009, being about half the usual pillar bar size that appears when a 16:9 TV shows 4:3 content. Even games with widescreen support, like 007 Nightfire, played by original disc and with the widescreen setting turned on, will still show those bars. The games played by Dios Mios will show them too, like Luigi's Mansion, regardless if the widescreen hack is turned on or off. The widescreen hack works, with the game showing more "view area" at the sides, but the pillar bars are still there, which makes Luigi taller and thinner, as well as the other things on the screen. So, with the widescreen hack turned off, I have a stretched Luigi, and with it turned on, I have a squeezed Luigi, because the pillar bars are always there.

    There is also the even more strange case of Metroid Prime Trilogy, which shows both slim pillar bars and thin horizontal black bars. In this case, however, I can at least use the "cine zoom" of my TV to make the game screen fill all the TV screen. But, when a game shows only the pillar (vertical) bars, I have nothing to do, because my TV doesn't allow me to set the horizontal size of the screen individually. It allows me to change the size of both the dimensions proportionally ("cine zoom") and the size of the vertical dimension individually ("zoom"), but not the horizontal dimension individually. It even allows me to change the image position in both dimensions, but not the size of the horizontal one.

    To the record, some games will normally fill the screen entirely, like Super Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess.

    I don't know what is causing this issue. Maybe it's my TV that wants to upscale the screen in the exact same proportion that comes from the Wii. Anyway, I'd like to hear from you guys if there is any solution to this. As I said, my TV doesn't allow me to increase the horizontal size, and I didn't find any setting in the Wii to correct this. I also had a look at the Settings Editor GUI homebrew, but it appears to only have the same settings as the Wii settings menu. I also thought of buying a Component-to-VGA adapter cable, because my TV only allows to change the horizontal size of the screen when in the VGA (RGB-PC) mode (do you think it would work?).

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    In case this information is useful: My TV is an LG Full HD from 2009. My Wii is LU74... and the settings are widescreen 480p with component cable.
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    Thin bars are common. Many games saved processor resources by skipping the area hidden by CRTs.

    Wii basically "simulates" widescreen in a sense. You'll notice the resolution your TV thinks it receives doesn't change.
    Even N64 could do similar with effort, classic Goldeneye 007 had a widescreen option.
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