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    WARNING avoid (note the "UK")

    I ordered a Sky3DS+ card from these people on 15th December 2015. My "UK local Supplier", "Fast Post NOT from China".

    The order price was £72 + £2 delivery.

    I received an email confirming the order date as "16th December" - clearly this was sent from a time zone far East of the UK, there was meant to be a follow up email confirming tracking details - none received. I tried to ask a question about my order via the "contact us" page - which doesn't actually allow typed input. They did supply the "owner's" name and email though -"", still not sounding too "local". All emails were ignored anyway.

    The card arrived on 14th January - and it works well, I was relieved and delighted, so much so that I decided to buy another card for my daughter. The price had increased by £3 now to £75 + £2 delivery but I accepted this. The order, however, was rejected immediately (twice), turns out that this was my bank just monitoring a potentially suspicious purchase, so no real problem - until the bank said that the amount that they'd blocked was £90:22, NOT the £77 that I was attempting to pay. This £90:22 is charged right upfront - not later to cover some unforseen event (eg customs).

    I checked my bank statement for the previous purchase for £72 + £2 but couldn't see it at first - but then there it was "Kabin clothes" £84:81 !

    I have emailed "junychen" but as usual there is no reply. So what should one make of this? I can only find one word: "fraud", if I order something for a price I don't expect to be charged a totally different price, to then hide the transaction behind Kabin clothes just confirms the type of company that this is.

    As a footnote: I still wanted another card but looking at the shortlist of UK Resellers didn't inspire much confidence as several of them were clearly from the same group of companies as Sky3dsUK - website VERY similar, same prices, same offers, same dodgy English etc.
    I looked at Digimartz and found a different style of site, the "About us" clearly states that they're based in Hong Kong so that's fine as they're upfront about it. The price was £60 with free UK delivery. I ordered 2 and received a detailed invoice which reassuringly came to the correct total!
    Further emaill a few hours later confirming items are shipped and with a tracking number.
    I have included this footnote just as reassurance that not all Chinese companies are the same, there's good and bad everywhere - but we don't have to accept the bad.

    PS. Anyone with any ideas how to reclaim the overcharge please reply here.
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    This website looked quite like the site I got my EZFlashIV from in the US. ( so I looked closer at my order and was also listed as the contact person. Additionally the order confirmation email states:
    "The amount showing on your statement will be a bit different from the price on seller's website according to the foreign exchange rate of the bank. You can contact the bank for more information. We appreciate your support and understanding"​
    And in looking at my bank statement I was charged 7USD more than price listed in email.
    For me thats not worth pursuing, I'll just buy from someone else next time, but you might be able to get at least some money back by filing a chargeback with your credit card if you still can.
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    Flashcard retailers mask their real name on banking statements. Would they want your bank to find out what they're selling. It's normal, but for the overcharging you can tell your bank and see of they can do anything about it. As far as that I don't see any other way you can get your money back of you are not in contact with them.
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    Thanks for your reply Riptide. I understand the currency difference angle, firstly the item is meant to be in the UK, secondly the overcharge happens immediately upon buying ie it is known upfront to the company before they display their price online and as such should be factored in to the price. I actually asked my bank about this, they confirmed that they would expect the need for some time to pass between ordering / paying and supply (for the currency price to change up or down) and in any event would potentially only be a few pence in the current economic climate - not almost 15% of the displayed price.
    I wonder how many people are charged LESS than what they agreed - should be around 50% but I'm going with "nobody".

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    Thanks for your reply Red2. Perhaps a name somewhat in keeping with what they actually do? China Electronics, HK Games etc , in any case this isn't my main issue but it does help facilitate their deception.