SKY3DS diskwriter error HELP!

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    Apr 14, 2015
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    when starting diskwriter (as administrator and normally) i try to press 'go' and see an error message:

    Error message:

    Could not open the physical drive! physicalHandle CreateFile("\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1") - Get last error returned 0x00000005

    any ideas on what this can be and any ways to fix it?
    it was working a while back. could formatting the sd card and starting again help?
    will i be able to reinstall the games that were already on and not use up any more of the 10 available slots, or will the 3 slots they originally used be counted as -3/10 and the reinstall add another 3 slots used and make it -6/10?

    got this for our little one at xmas and have found it really difficult to use since the start.