Skipp and Friends: Unexpected Journey

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    [​IMG] Skipp and Friends: Unexpected Journey
    NEW SNES Homebrew

    Skipp and Friends: Unexpected Journey is the first SNES homebrew to surface from the PDRoms 2009 Coding Compo. Players must navigate all 3 characters to safety, while making use of their special abilities. The game features a password system so play can resume after a hard reset.

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    oh an snes homebrew, it's been a long time since I saw some PD roms. It's nice to see people still working on it, and not making only standalone demo, but games.
    The game's system reminds me of Lost vikings, where we had to switch the character to use their special abilities to escape the levels.

    Anyway, how does the coding works? I suppose there is no DevKitpro snes library
    it might be the oldschool way, with asm edition and home made tools. great work for the 4 coders [​IMG]
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    Yeah, I'm thinkin' ASM as well...