Seemingly random freezes in vWii homebrew

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  1. Xerrah

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    Nov 4, 2015
    Hi there,
    Having a small handful of freezes I cannot quite manage to figure out, though I suspect they are all related to a singular issue.
    Firstly, I'm running an Aus pal Wii U 5.3.2 spoofed to 5.5, and I have installed the homebrew channel and used the vWii versions of d2x on 56/249 57/250 58/251 and I have run the latest patcher for the vWii ios 36/236.

    Using a Kingston class 10 32gb sdhc card as my sole storage for pretty much everything.

    Occasionally, at utterly random points, games launched through CFG usb loader lock up, the picture will freeze and the music will continue until it reaches it next loop point at which it freezes too. I find this on vaguely tolerable and do not know if it is related to the following three.

    The first of the three is Retroarch. When I press B (at least I think it's B) it will bring up the search command and immediately freeze. It also freezes at random other points in the menu I am not able to determine.

    the next is MPlayer Ce and WiiMC (lumping the media players together) they both crash at indeterminate points when accessing settings and when playing, attempting to load, or pausing media. I am loading films using multiple flash drives (at different points) and it very much seems to be the program and not the drive.

    The third is the homebrew browser.
    It downloads a zip file and when it attempts to open it, freezes. Doesn't even get into the actual program.

    As at this moment, I got into the homebrew browser (no pictures for anything, failed zip file I should assume?) and when I try to download a program (RPG maker player) I get
    "exception (dsi) occurred". Getting a fair few of these "exception (dsi) occurred" in all kinds of different programs. I'm not sure but it seems at lot of the. Are related to transferring data to or from the SD card. But this is purely conjecture.

    Does anyone have any idea at all what is happening? I'm getting a little tired of having to kill the will power by pulling the cable out. I don't like doing that at all. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated... Thankyou in advance.
  2. Rockym

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    Dec 2, 2007
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    I seem to be having a similar issue. Some of my apps, like cheat manager, mega cheat manager, and accio hacks, freeze after they are started and get an ip address. But when the first menus come up, my remote completely stops working and I can't do anything. I have to unplug my Wii U to restart it and get in again. Others seem to work fine. Nintendont works great and homebrew browser works great too.

    I have a NA Wii U, and I use homebrew from a 32GB microSD card in a SD adapter. I do have a GC adapter plugged into the front usb ports and an external hard drive plugged into the rear USB ports. Could those be causing it?