SDHC and Devices

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    I just got the Canon PowerShot SX 110 and it is the first camera I bought that is SDHC compatible. My Samsung Instinct is also SDHC, so I figured I will buy 2x4gb cards to use on my trip to London, and then use one of them in my phone for later use (also as a 4 gig flash drive).

    I bought the cards, and figured I needed 2 new USB adapters, one for me, one for my wife's laptop (SD card, not SDHC compliant). I also decided to go from my R4 to either an EDGE or now Acecard2i for the DSi.

    I got the cards today and did some playing. My wife's laptop reads them no problem. Both of my non SDHC readers read them (one is a half usb thin/half SD card). I then tried it in my Sansa e200 (running RockBox). I was sure it wouldn't work. It did. I thought, well maybe my R4 will read it, and everyone is crazy but me, but it didn't. I was able to fine one other device that didn't read it, my wife's Sansa Express.

    So that's my story. All my primary devices can use SDHC and almost none of them are labeled as such. I wonder how many other people have hesitated on getting a big card due to compatibility issues.