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    Mar 2, 2010
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    Just got an SD gecko (Or Wiikey Adapter Same Thing) i have the SD Card and loaded SD load and SD Boot i read somewhere i have to load SDBoot through SDLoad but when ever i try anything with SDBoot Or Load the games locks up and i cant move does any have any idea im trying to play luigi's mansion (its .GCM) i have 2GB microsD and SD card adapter

    My Wii Is Softmodded running 4.1 with the latest homebrew channel (Tried loading with Homebrew Channel)

    Also i have the AR 1.14 as a Dol File so i can load GC Action replay through homebrew channel without disc and i tried to start sdload through ar and all i get is a insert a SDLoad Disc inside the wii

    My wii Drive is D3-2 so i can burn my gc games unfortunatly