SD Card problem

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  1. masterzero

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Well today someone uploaded smt iv dlc so I went and turned off my 3ds to put it on the sd card , but it got stuck turning off and I dunno why I did so but I removed the sd card before force closing it off by long pressing the button. When I turned it back on the sysnand said that the sd card applications couldn't be loaded and the exploit didn't load the gateway loader ! ( even when I accesed the sd card on my pc and I could put the new stuff) . So I changed the sd card adapter and it seemed to work. I played some smt iv , saved , changed to fantasy life and played for some time , and when I wanted to save it said that it couldn't access the sd card ! :SS , so I had to turn it off and lose the progres I have done.. Funny thing is that I have opened it again just now and I have saved in fantasy life without problem , and also I have checked smt iv and I haven't lost the progress I have done after this incident hmm

    So I wonder if this is the microSD fault that has become partially corrupted or something ? should I backup the content and the emunand , format the sd card ( how can this be done deleting the emunand partition too?) and restore everything again?
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    This does sound like corruption, yes. I don't know if formatting will restore it, though. It might be a permanent defect.
  3. piratesephiroth

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    Sep 5, 2013
    Yeah it has happened to me a few times. An windows explorer error check should fix it.
  4. masterzero

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    Apr 20, 2007

    Thank you very much ^^ , just backuped all the content and tried your method , will update if I have any problem

    ED: It said it detected no errors tho the "This card has a problem" popup doesnt appear anymore. I also put the old sd card adaptor and had no problem too. I'm not going to play today and will save frequently and hope it is fixed ^^

    ED : Saved and reloaded many games and no problem for now , I think it's fixed , thank you very much ^^
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    Hay, could you tell me, where to get SMT 4 ADDON / DLC from?