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    This is about savhax, and also pokemon HG/SS. Sorry to say this but, I am honestly out of ideas as far as extracting and restoring the saves go. It might of been possible to eventually extract the save with a 100% success rate, but I am a simple humble programmer, not a reverse engineer. I am limited on the experiments I can preform on the cartridge and rom.

    Restoring the saves is impossible for me, the code I use for accessing and interacting with the eeprom does not even work with older games anymore. So that means untill that code is updated by someone who knows what it is suppose to do, this will never get any further, in fact the reading problems savhax has had thus far might be the whole cause of this as well.

    The people who knows how the eeprom and such are people like Chism, wintermute, and so on.

    Your attention to this has been great, but I have nothing further I can offer, short of becoming a computer engineer (takes about 4 to 8 years of college?).
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    Sallright... You did your best. The best thing you can do now is offer the source code so someone else with more knowledge can make use of it. Hell you should be proud, no other homebrew even got close to what you did.
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    Yeah, we're all thankful for your attempt!
    And thanks for posting that you can't continue rather than just dropping off the map. I hate it when people do that.