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  1. Nie

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    Apr 10, 2009
    United States
    May I first say that I don't know if this is even the right forum to post this jumble of confusion in. So my apologies if it's in the wrong spot! D:

    I've had my R4 for about a year now, but I use it in a way fit for someone who has only a basic understanding of its functions. Because I am one. Err anyway...I've been transferring my sav files back to their original cartridges from my SD card using Rudolph's Backup Tool; all of them went smoothly except for Cooking Mama 2 and New Super Mario Bros. After much consideration and mentoring by teh Great Googlez, I came to the realization that those two games had a smaller size of sav file. I spent a few hours giving myself a headache with hex editors, and eventually, with the help of about a dozen online tutorials, figured out how to make the files the proper size. I tested the resized files on my R4, and they work perfectly; but when I try to resave them to the original cartridge, something goes a bit funny. With all the other games, Rudolph's loading screen swould have a huge bar that said, Save Erasing... and then Save Restoring...; but with these two, all it says is Save Restoring. I'm guessing that's the problem...are they corrupt? I suppose I should also mention that I chose the Initialize Save Area option for both of these cartridges earlier on; but I'm pretty sure(not 100%?) that I also did that on a few of my other games and they still managed to resave.
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