Save Patch Request - PMD Explorers of Sky

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    Feb 1, 2010
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    Ok, so here's my situation. I want to play this game on my DS Lite and Acekard RPG using AKAIO 1.7.1 firmware. I can play through and save the first chapter on my DS, and loading at that point works perfectly. The problem is playing past that and trying to save. Every time I save and reset the DS, trying to reload the game tells me that the save file is corrupted. Attempting to save after that first chapter on NO$GBA tells you the save failed and won't let you save at all. The only thing (for what i have) that works is DeSmuMe (I use the x64 version, cause I have Windows 7 64 bit). My girlfriend is playing it perfectly fine on her Acekard 2i and DS lite, and I didn't have to modify any settings whatsoever.

    I can provide a save right at the end of Chapter 1 (where saving and loading on my Acekard RPG still works perfectly), a save at the next possible save point after chapter 1 (where it has a problem), my current save file all the way up to chapter 10 (I've been playing it on DeSmuMe), and a save file converter so you can convert it to whatever format you need (any flashcart type, even NO$GBA and DeSmuMe).

    On a side note: When I tried converting the DeSmuMe save to Acekard RPG format using autodetection for the save type, it gave me a 128KB file, but the save type is supposed to be 256KB. I can force it to be 256KB, load a different game on my Acekard (to change the lastsave.ini), copy the save file onto the card, and get PMD to load my chapter 10 save file perfectly, but saving causes it to be corrupted again when I turn the DS off and reload the game.