Save File Corruption Gateway 3ds

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    Aug 4, 2007
    Today after starting first level of part 3 of the mission of the game: Samurai Warriors Chronicle.
    The upper screen of the 3DS went black(loading something i guess), the lower screen showed the normal things, but wasnt reacting to anything.
    No button works, except the power on/off button.
    After restarting i tried the same level and again the system crashed.
    Again i retried it, but this time the game says that the save file is corrupted and ask permission to format this game save.
    So anti-piracy stuff, or is it my system acting weird or the gateway?

    ps: i did pressed yes to allow it to format the save file in the end, so save file gone.
    But again it already said that the save file was corrupted. Save of the other games are still intact though.