Save data backup for CIA?

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    Hey folks, right now I have an o3ds and I'm playing Monster Hunter X on it. The Monster Hunter X I have is a CIA file that's prepatched with version 6 of the english translation patch. However, a new prepatched CIA that has version 7 of the english translation patch has come out.

    So, I want to upgrade from my MH V.6 CIA to a MH V.7 CIA. However, I'm terrified of losing the save I have right now. I'm trying to find a save data backup program that works for the CIAs. I'm extremely new to homebrewing, as someone very kind walked me through how to set up my homebrew. I believe I'm using Gateway and RX tools, if this matters.

    I was recommended to try PCHex++ that you can see at this link

    Unfortunately after putting the files in their correct spot, no program appears in my emuNAND for me to use. I read in the comments that this might be because I'm using Gateway.

    Could anyone help me back up my Monster Hunter X save data so I can update to the newer CIA? I'd be extremely grateful!

    Thanks in advance to any and all advice!
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    Who recommended PCHex? That homebrew is only for Pokémon.

    You will need to either look around and find Save Data Filer, then you can look up the title ID for MHX so you know what to backup in SDF, and then you can restore it once you're installed the updated translation cia.

    You could also try svdt, which requires the homebrew launcher (look up yellows8'a hblauncher_loader cia)
    You will need to download the starter pack from smealum's website (only the boot.3dsx is really required at the root of your SD) and then have the svdt folder in a 3ds folder at the root of your SD.

    Chances are svdt may not work, it doesn't work with games that use a certain newer form of encryption. SDF however works with any and all games. It is an official SDK tool and we cannot link to downloads here so you are on your own, I'm afraid.

    I can give links in a bit, a bit impractical to do atm on mobile but I can edit it in later.

    There you go:
    Homebrew Launcher (place this at the root of your 3DS's memory card.)
    yellows8's hblauncher_loader (install this as a regular .cia, requires internet connection. Hold Y while running it to save payload to SD card and run it without an internet connection every time afterwards.)
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    I've had great luck with SVDT to go between .3ds files and CIA installations. I'm not sure about the not working with newer encryption comment so I can't "comment" on that issue.