Samurai Jack v10-01-11

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    a.k.a. ohgodwhyamIstartinganothergame (or Ogwaisag for short [​IMG] ). I am in the middle of a Samurai Jack marathon and figured it'd be fun to make a platformer haha.

    Left/Right - Move
    A - Jump (press again to double jump)
    B - Attack (can attack in the air and do a short 3-attack combo on the ground)
    R - Guard (must be on the ground)
    Start - Pause
    DEBUG - Up/Down changes jump height.

    The top background of the menu room can randomly be one of 4 backgrounds when you enter the room. Press 'B' at the main menu to go back to the title screen and try again if you want to see the others. :3 None of the menu items really do anything yet (you can change the text speed, but there's no text yet derp), so just select "New Game" to get to a small gameplay area.

    Small Update 10-01-11
    Added temp backgrounds for the rest of level one to kinda get a feel for the layouts. Also, if you can make it to the top quickly, you'll see a familiar character! :D

    Update 09-27-11
    Finally got an actual collision map system working with a little help from YoshiInAVoid (Thanks!). I started working on the first level as well. It's only the first part of the level, so you're just running up a path through the town to get to the palace place at the top (with maybe some basic tasks to explain the controls). As far as graphics go, only the first area has anything resembling terrain with the other two areas consisting of the collision map and the far background.
    [​IMG] Samurai Jack.nds 07-30-11 (1.36 MiB) Downloaded 60 times
    [​IMG] Samurai Jack.nds 09-27-11 (1.63 MiB) Downloaded 19 times
    [​IMG] Samurai Jack.nds 10-01-11 (1.77 MiB) Downloaded 61 times