Sakura Wars

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    Sakura Wars has been dangled in American gamers' faces forever. I think there finally came a point where we all just gave up on having a title in the series released here. I guess they thought that no one would want to play a 1920's strategy role-playing game with dating sim elements.

    Well, I hope someone wants to play a 1920's strategy role-playing game with dating sim elements, because a Sakura Wars title is finally on the way here. NIS America is bringing Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love to the Wii this fall. Unlike your standard SRPG, what you do and say makes a big difference. Character interaction determines the game's outcome and even ending.

    The game has 8 chapters, each with 4-5 hours of gameplay in it. You'll battle both on the ground and in the air, starting off in mechanized robo-suits that can transform into jets that fly. Oh, and your mech suits use swords. Oh, Japan. When it's all said and done, you'll see one of six fully animated endings.

    I knew it wouldn't be Sega that would finally bring the series here. Thanks, NIS America! now someone pick it up for europe too [​IMG]

    it has been announced for PS2 and WII

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    looks like a game they are aiming for in the 2nd gen and thus a good idea altogether besides the game looks big and more actiony
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    I used to play these when I was younger and finally they get a localization. NIS did the necessary justice that all fans in the west deserve.