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    Hi everyone! One of the things we promised when we announced the change in LittleBigPlanet 2‘s release date was that we’d find some ways to give you some LittleBigPlanet goodness ahead of the new game’s release in January. Now is the time to share with you what we’ve got in store…


    Let’s start with the great news that there will be a LittleBigPlanet 2 PSN demo coming your way next month. This demo will let everyone out there get a taste of LittleBigPlanet 2?s new Story Mode levels, and some of the new gameplay types that LBP 2 will give you the power to create for yourself. Experience the swinging good fun of the Grapple Hook, rescue some helplessly adorable Sackbots, and see the chaotic multiplayer fun that blows up when competitive scoring mode and some Creatinators armed with rockets are combined.

    LittleBigPlanet 2 Story Mode demo will be published on PlayStation Store on 22 December.


    Next up is something a little different… a brand new spin-off PSN title that gives a taste of the fun that can happen when Sackboy gets his hands on the PlayStation Move motion controller.

    Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves contains a brand new 10 level theme – a dinosaur dominated land where the Evil Big Rex is king. You are on a mission to take on challenges engineered by Terrance Dactyl – and you’re going to need help. So put on your bear skins and grab up to four mates to navigate the tricky terrain of tropical jungle and erupting volcanoes – the player with the PlayStation Move controller leads the way, flicking switches and triggering platforms to help the others, using DualShock Controllers, through each level. Leap between Dino heads, use the Move controller to blast aside crates of bubbles, ride dinosaurs through prehistoric cities and take to the heights of the prehistoric tree canopy – then team up to defeat Big Rex, all while collecting Trophies along the way.

    Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves is completely standalone – it doesn’t require either LBP 1 or LBP 2 to run. What you will need is one PlayStation Move controller and at least one friend with a DualShock Controller – it is a Move Required and multiplayer-only co-op experience.

    The game will be included on the LittleBigPlanet 2 disc when it is released in January. But for everyone who’s desperate to have some motion controlled fun with Sackboy before then – and for the new PS3 and Move owners out there who are intrigued to find out who this Sackboy fellow is – Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves will be released on PlayStation Store on 15 December, priced €5.99.
    That’s not all though! A week earlier, on 8th December, all PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves for free! And, as an extra “thank you” to the amazing community, thousands more LittleBigPlanet fans will receive an email to download Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves for free at the same time. Listen out for more news on this nearer the time.

    For all you Move fans, Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves is great fun – but it only scratches the surface of what’s possible when PlayStation Move and LittleBigPlanet meet, so look out for some exciting further updates to come after the release of LittleBigPlanet 2…


    For weeks now, a group of trialists have been exploring the LittleBigPlanet 2 closed beta trial – providing the team at Media Molecule with a huge amount of valuable feedback, whilst also using the new tools to create some frankly stunning new levels that I’m sure many of you have been admiring from afar. There’s no better demonstration of just how powerful LBP 2?s new features are than to look at these creations – and I know many of you would love to play around with the new tools for yourselves.

    Whilst everyone works hard to get all aspects of LBP 2 ready to release in January, it’s unfortunately not possible to open up the beta trial to everyone who’d like to be on there – the huge flood of Creators would be overwhelming! But the great news is that we are able to expand the beta trial a little further – so in early December, a new batch of PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive invitations to join the beta trial. Look out for more info to follow, Plus-folk!

    So, to summarise all of that awesomeness…

    Early December – A new batch of PlayStation Plus subscribers are invited into the LittleBigPlanet 2 beta trial.

    8 December – PlayStation Plus subscribers and a big bunch of LBP fans get Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves for free.

    15 December – Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves goes on-sale for €5.99 on PlayStation Store.

    22 December – Everyone get their hands on the LittleBigPlanet 2 demo.

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    If done right: [​IMG] If it's a cheap money maker game (prehistoric moves): [​IMG]
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    Me wants a ps3...
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    Me wants to burn my ps3...
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    I feel like I'm one of the few people who doesn't like LBP. Its fine on the PSP (a simple, easy to get into game you can play for a few minutes) but on the PS3 the gameplay feels so light and uninsteresting to sit down and play for a while.
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    Finally, I hope it makes its way to the PSP.
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    my bro doesn't know about this yet...
    hes crazy about LBP
    so I am not telling him to keep it a surprise.
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    I already have problems to find somebody to play first one without huge lag and who actually can speak English at least.