rxMode AGB not working on Gateway emuNAND

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  1. natinusala

    natinusala Win32 error 31 is not an error

    Dec 1, 2012

    I currently have an unlinked 9.4 Gateway emuNAND running on my O3DS. I wanted to play GBA games on it so I tested rxMode and built my own M&L Superstar Saga CIA using the tools by RikuKH3 (I created the footer by importing the GBA in the software). I installed the CIA using BigBlueMenu.

    The rxMode boots successfully, however the game isn't working ; when I launch it I've got a black screen with a big white message telling me to reboot the console using the power button (and to read the manual for further informations... thx Nintendo).

    Do you know what's wrong ? Could you help me getting this thing to work ?

    Thanks !

    edit : okay I figured out that I need to install the CIA on Sysnand too, but is that even possible and/or risky ? Because I couldn't find a way to do so...
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