run emus, roms from a dvd

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    Jul 15, 2010
    i want to mod my original xbox and i want to know if i can run emus , roms burned on a dvd, directly from the dvd,
    do i need to install the emus on the xbox hdd or can i have it on the same dvd with the roms

    nes, snes ,genesis, n64, ps1

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    Do you have the latest dashboard on your 360?
    What was the last game you played on it?
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    @Thug4L1f3 He said original Xbox.

    @ RETRO_GAMER When you download your emulators their should be a number of folders and files e.g x:\\roms or x:\\default.xbe. YOu will just need to place your roms in the roms folder and any videos or artwork in the media folders, then you'll need to download a program called c-xbox to make your downloaded files into an iso. But if you look hard enough you should find a couple of emulators with full or near full rom sets already in iso
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    My bad [​IMG]
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    A couple of emulators do support plain UDF and ISO9660 (although unlike XBMC they will probably be different "drives"), a whole bunch got updated the other day as well. Worst case scenario here is you have to change an ini file by hand.

    Do note the xbox DVD drive is not the fastest so while you can fit the entire rom set on the root directory for many consoles I say be nice and split them up into directories. You can launch XBE files (xbox executable files) from a DVD although making a proper iso is a better proposition.
    This being said the emulators are all of 20 megs a pop (on a 8 to 10 gig drive if you are running a stock drive) so I say you install them (auto install deluxe being great here) and then if you want have the roms run from the DVD do so.
    Do remember that DVD is a read only medium so saves and all that could be troubling.