[Rumor] Wii 2 will cost $400

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by thebigboss14, Apr 22, 2011.

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    Sounds pretty interesting but they are all speculations. We will wait to prove that its TOTALLY real.
  2. Nebz

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    There was actually quite a bit more to IGN's claim than just a price:
    Additionally, IGN has learned that the system will be based on a revamped version of AMD's R700 GPU architecture, not AMD's Fusion technology as previously believed, which will, as previously reported, out perform the PlayStation 3's NVIDIA 7800GTX-based processor. Like the Xbox 360, the system's CPU will be a custom-built triple-core IBM PowerPC chipset, but the clocking speeds will be faster. The system will support 1080p output with the potential for stereoscopic 3D as well, though it has not been determined whether that will be a staple feature.

    In terms of the design of the console itself, the overall size will be comparable to that of the original Xbox 360 and the system is likely to resemble a modernized version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).[/p]
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    What the heck. I've not seen a similiar amount of rumors on a console since the Revolution's announcement.

    I really hope the price's gonna be lower than that, one of the main advantages of the Wii was its relatively low price.

    Also, too bad it isn't based on AMD Fusion.
  4. awssk8er

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    It's affordable at that price, but should be a little lower.

    I'm not really believing anything until it is announced officially.
  5. Hadrian

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    It wont cost more than a 360 with Kinect. If it does Nintendo might as well not bother.
  6. rockstar99

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    $350-400 seems good if it has all the rumored features along with an included touch screen controller
  7. Zorua

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    The price is perfectly fine IMO.
    If the rumors are anything to go by, the controllers have 6 inch touch screens.
    The motion sensing tech is also way better than the kinect and the move.
    So yeah, the price is justified.
  8. DSGamer64

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    No one in their right bloody mind uses dead processing technology in this day and age. The PowerPC processors weren't dead when the 360 came out, but they are dead now and have long since been abandoned by everyone aside from Microsoft. As to why they think that supporting IBM for processors when AMD and Intel make the best and most advanced mainstream processors is beyond me.

    Nintendo also needs to be aiming for the best graphics processing possible in order to stay competitive when the next set of consoles comes out from Sony and Microsoft, though if the 10 year life span is true then Nintendo could drop a new console in that time period as well.

    Price and power of the console should no longer be conflicting issues for Nintendo either. If they have the performance and get good original 3rd party titles and the kinds of games that you will also see on the 360 and PS3 over the next 6 years, then they will sell a lot of units. 400 bucks might be a lot but I think it depends on what is included with the console itself, the game lineup at launch and the kinds of services Nintendo is going to provide as well. They need to have a big launch to justify it's price in comparison to the competition with the established player base. Initial release will be the deciding factor until production cost is lowered and they could sell it for as much as the competition. Sony isn't really budging with the PS3 cost and Microsoft seems comfortable selling the 360 for it's current prices but I can't see Sony dropping it again until at least the end of this year.
  9. doyama

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    Considering the PPC is used on every single console platform currently available, 'dead' is a relative term.

    There's no real need to go with AMD or Intel. Why use x86? There's no real benefit there. Also going with PPC gives it a 'slight' possiblity that games will be backwards compatible, which will be impossible if they go x86. Also means you don't have to start from scratch for all your tools/sdk/etc.
  10. Jiggah

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    I love that because it's Nintendo, it's magically affordable at $400.
  11. Mesiskope

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    rumors and speculation?! color me shocked.
    get back to me with some real news.
  12. Guild McCommunist

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  13. Wizerzak

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    I bet $400 (which is probably the max seeing as 3DS was thought to be a lot more than it is) will be really cheap compared to the next xbox and ps that come out 2 years later. So it'll sell really well, brand new console that some people will get anyway, never mind the price, so long as it is marketed well (like the wii). Then, 2 years later, when sony and microsoft think of bringing a console out at way much more, people are gonna go and buy the wii 2, plus the price will have dropped by then.

    Wow, that was worded crapply. Hope it makes sense...
  14. MeritsAlone

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    I really hope that it will NOT cost 400$
    Im to lazy to convert that to SEK but it will most likely be over 2800SEK
    Err, thats not THAT expensive, nevermind me! Carry on.

    No but seriously that is expensive, 300-350 is better.
  15. mad567

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    Nevermind I won't buy it at launch. Probably I won't buy it at all.
    I'm a handheld gamer. I never finished a whole console game...
  16. azoreseuropa

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    STOP WITH RUMORS! I think that Nintendo will lower this price. For now, rumors are a liars!
  17. Blue-K

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    Jun 21, 2008
    There's also the rumor that you can play your Xbox 360 games on it.

    Seriously, I'm sick of these Rumor-"News", and the misleading titles ("will cost" sounds like it's confirmed, at least to me). Rumors are rumors, and not news to me, and I see no need to make threads about them.
  18. Nebz

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    I don't see where they'd lower the price with a handheld recently launching at whopping $250 and their previous console launching at $200-$250 also (Not sure exactly which).
    $350-$400 for a home console isn't so far off and seems very believable.
  19. KingVamp

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    Maybe some shouldn't be USN and I understand the hate to misleading titles,but it isn't going
    to hurt to let rumors be discuss through threads.

    I don't understand (if this is true) when Nintendo tries to have cheap consoles it gains hate on
    graphics, but when they trying to reach for more graphics it gains hate on the price.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  20. Wizerzak

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    +1 And The price still won't be as big as sony/microsofts next console. But then the fanboys will somehow not mind about prices anymore.